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We would love to give your company mobile website cpacity. We offer affordable solutions based on these three options:

1. We make standard websites work well and look good on both computers and mobile devices.

2. We enhance sites so they automatically adjust and present different looks and menus depending on the device used to view the site. People using a computer see the full website. People using a mobile device see a simplified version with easy navigation. You only have to maintain and update one website.

3. We can also create stand-a-lone websites and apps custom-designed for mobile devices. If your primary audience is mobile, we can give you a sophisticated website that takes full advantage of the unique capacities of mobile devices.

Best Practices
This article from adobe.com provides an excellent overview of best practices for mobile website development. Below we offer a synopsis of key points.

Mobile websites, like mobile apps, usually focus on providing some specific capacity. It is vital for that capacity to work, and be easy to access. For mobile sites, function wins out over form.

People don't want to read lots of text on mobile devices. For mobile sites, text should be simplified and presented in outline form.

Large graphics may interfere with the ability to use mobile sites. A graphic may take up the entire screen and make it so people can't easily find navigation and text. If text is incorporated into graphics the text may be difficult to read. It is best to use standard text to present text.

In general, it is best for mobile sites to use a relatively simple design and have a straight forward structure.

Mobile devices have opened up vast opportunities for new functionality delivered via the Internet. The devices have unique capacities - and some kinds of websites can readily take advantage of those capacities.

But mobile devices do not do all things well. It is cumbersome to browse the net, use search engines and glean information from content-heavy websites. Instead, mobile sites should focus on giving a specific community the capacity to do a specific thing, using straight forward features.

Read the article for more insights.

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