Free Fix Details:

Times are tough. This is our way of saying: "Hang in there."

For a limited time, we will update text and fix broken links on your website - for free. No charge, no obligation.

Limit to 5 fixes per website:
• Phone numbers
• Addresses
• Prices
• Links
• Add text
• Remove text

We will do more extensive repairs for a modest fee.


website repairs

We do website
updates and repairs

We can also train your people, so they can update your website.

It is almost always easier and less expensive to update and improve existing sites rather than build new sites. For a limited time, we will make 5 basic fixes free of charge - no cost or obligation. See details at right.

Your website is you public face to the world. Let us help you keep it attractive and accurate.

We can:

  • Fix broken links
  • Find or replace missing photos
  • Update addresses, phone numbers, prices
  • Remove outdated text
  • Add new text

We can help, whether you need a one-time fix or ongoing updates.

These fixes are easy and inexpensive. We can usually make them the day you request them.

We can fix and/or update sites built standard HTML pages, as well as dynamic sites they use WordPress, Joomla or Drupal or other content management systems.

We guarantee we will never harm your website, and never share your account information with any other person or organization.

Call for a free quote.

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